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Biographies include historical figures, celebrities and others who have influenced the world of sports.

Your resource for answers to your questions about sports and athletes.

Gossip, talk or share your opinion about games, sporting events, the players and athletes.

Not just the ordinary, these interesting biographies contain photos and facts about real people.

Online biographical reference of historical, celebrated and famous people around the world.

World Athletes is an online biographical reference which
chronicles the lives of famous athletes throughout the world.

Our database of biographies includes celebrities, historical figures and high achievers in all fields of athletics or sports as well as those people who are not "famous", but have made a difference in the field of sports

We can help find information you need about sports and athletics... just ask the Oracle. Ask the Oracle can help you find answers to questions or research you seek regarding athletes. If you want to talk to others with the same interests, visit Sports Talk and take part in the ongoing discussions with people from all over the world.

Sports history and links provides you with a brief history of sports as well as informative links and sports news resources. is an online biographical resource about historical and famous people from around the world. We include the same features you enjoy here on including biographies, questions and gossip about historical, celebrities and famous people from around the world.

Real People is a presentation of people just like you. Not just the ordinary, browse these interesting biographies, photos and facts about real people around the world, their interests and their lives

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